Hereford Scrap Metals LLC - Junk Cars $14/ Mixed Steel $13/White Goods $13
Company logo that was first used in the late 1960's for Hereford Auto Parts.
We are located in Attalla, Alabama on the corner of HWY 77  & US HWY 11
Telephone: (256) 538-8611
Toll-Free: 1-800-976-9333
Across from Johnson Foods.

Open: Monday-Friday 7am-3pm          Saturday 7am-12pm

We purchase all types of scrap metals including:
Copper, brass, radiators, lead, batteries, aluminum cans, sheet and cast, mixed steel, cast iron, old car parts and complete automobiles. We also purchase heavy equipment, tractors and other commercial machinery, call for pricing. 
Commercial Accounts 

We pick-up heavy equipment and provide free roll-off container service for business and industrial accounts (call for details). We have containers from 20 to 80 yard and a fleet of trucks, including lowboy trailers to handle all types of scrap equipment. We provided certified weight tickets and pick-up service is available six days a week. Payment on commercial accounts is made immediately after pickup.  
Alabama Scrap Law and Environmental Regulations
Alabama state law effective August 1, 2012 requires all persons selling scrap metals provide a valid photo ID and tag number. All persons selling scrap metals must be 18 years old (except aluminum cans). You can still sell copper wire but it can't be burnt, unless it is from a from fire and you have an official report in the sellers name from a fire or police department. We can not purchase copper/aluminum radiators from the public unless you have receipt for replacement or have a contractors/HVAC license (does not apply to AC window units). We do not purchase any industrial/commercial type scrap unless you have proper documentation on hand,(Business/Contractor license, receipts, company letter, etc.). We have three law enforcement officers on staff and work with all local police departments to reduce and prosecute metal theft.

All purchase of copper, copper/aluminum radiators & catalytic convertors over $50 and any scrap over $500 in total must be paid in check. If you are a commercial vendor please bring in a copy of your current business licensee and certification cards.  

A clear title is required on all scrap cars and trucks less than 12 years old. Vehicles more than 12 years can be sold after a records/lien check, you may call us and we will run you VIN and get an approval to purchase your scrap vehicle. All gas and fluids must be removed before we can purchase a scrap vehicle due to state regulations.
We do not purchase propane tanks or other sealed containers unless they have been safely drained and cut in half according to environmental standards. We do not purchase any hazardous materials including CFC's, petroleum products, Freon,  Radioactive materials, or any non metallic materials. We reserve the right to refuse purchase of any scrap material if we feel environmental and/or scrap theft standards have not been met.    
Please call us for questions regarding the scrap law, we can still purchase most scrap items if you have the proper documentation.
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