Hereford Scrap Metals LLC - Junk Cars $14/ Mixed Steel $13/White Goods $13
Prices subject to change at any time due to falling markets!
Customers with large volumes call for special pricing!
Scales 256-538-8611

Steel 3ft and under                                                     $07.50/Per 100
# 2 Steel                                                                       $07.00/Per 100
Junk Cars & Trucks                                                  $06.00/Per 100 w/engine
Junk Cars (no motor/trans)                                      $05.00/Per 100
Tin/White Goods/Cast                                               $05.00/Per 100
Alum. cans                                                                 .50/over 100 pounds .60
Clean aluminum sheet/cast                                      .45 over 100 lb .50
Aluminum car wheels                                               .65/over 100 lb. 70
Clean Alum. Radiators                                              .50
Alum. Rad. w/plastic tanks                                       .20
Irony aluminum/ Alum. insulated wire                   .12
Stainless steel                                                             .35
#1 Copper  (no burnt copper)                                   2.00
#2 Copper                                                                   1.80
#1 Copper insulated                                                   1.00
#2 Copper insulated                                                   .50
Mixed brass                                                                1.30
Brass Auto radiators                                                 1.30/unclean 1.00
Copper alum coils   (AC Lic./purchase receipt)     1.00 window units excluded
Copper alum coils unclean                                        .80
Electric motors                                                           .15
Large electric motors over basketball size              .10
Sealed units                                                                .10
Batteries                                                                      .15/over 500 lb. .18
Lead                                                                            .35
Wheel weights/battery terminals                             .15

Company History
Our company was founded in 1956 by Joe H. Hereford of Birmingham, Alabama. After moving to Attalla in the late 50's Mr. Hereford opened Hereford Auto Parts in Reece City, Alabama and supplied automotive cores for rebuilding and also purchased scrap metals from the general public.
In 1970 Hereford Auto Parts moved to our current location and changed the name to Hereford Scrap Metals. In 1984 we changed our focus from automotive cores to the purchase of scrap metals from both the general public and business accounts. We currently have over 5,000 registered customers and look forward to serving your recycling needs.
On November 29, 2010, Joe H. (Big Joe) Hereford passed away after complications from a stroke. His sons Joe W. and Tony Hereford continue to operate the business.
Joe W. Hereford retired as chief of police for the City of Attalla in 2010, and served as Director of Public Safety for the City of Attalla in 2012-13.  Tony Hereford also retired in 2010 from Averitt Express. Both Joe and Tony Hereford have worked in the in the scrap metal recycling business for over 25 years.
Office Staff:
Joe W. Hereford, CFO/Partner
Tony L. Hereford, CEO/Partner
Logan McGraw, Buyer, Alabama Certified Weightmaster
Doug Jordan, Scrap Law Compliance/Safety
1528 3rd Street SW
Corner US Highway 11 & HWY 77
Attalla, AL 35954
Mon - Fri: 6:45AM - 3:00PM
Sat - 7:00AM-12:00PM
Sun: Closed

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