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Alabama Scrap Laws

(non-commercial customers)

Hereford Scrap Metals, LLC operates in full compliance with all local, state and federal laws regulating the purchase of scrap metals. We employee both active and retired police officers at our location. If we feel there is any question about the ownership of the material we will immediately notify the police and prosecute anyone that sells us stolen material.

We also refuse the right to purchase any material for any person(s) that appear to be under influence of drugs or alcohol.

According to Alabama Code 13A-8-37, it is unlawful to purchase the following; unless verifiable documentation, (including business/trade license/company letter with contact numbers) can be provided:

Cemetery metals: statues, plaques, vases, makers, memorials

All railroad scrap

Copper wire that has been burned (only with official fire report), Must be in homeowners and ID must match address of fire

Scrap from utility companies: telephone, electric, cable, gas and water (Business accounts only)

Beer kegs

Manhole or drain covers

Loose catalytic converters ( must be left on scrap vehicle)

A copper, aluminum or copper/aluminum condensing or evaporating coil, including its tubing or rods, from a heating or a air conditioning unit, excluding scrap from a window air conditioning units and automotive condenser coils.

Automobiles require a title if less than 12 years old, all vehicles purchased must be validated through the Alabama Scrap Vehicle Portal to check for liens and theft reports. All fluids must be drained safely and the fuel tank and mercury switch must be removed.

You must be at least 18 years to sell scrap ( except aluminum cans) and have a state, or federal ID or passport

Non-commercial sellers: we are required to pay by check for the following:

Over $50 for copper, copper/alum radiators, converters

Over $500 for all other scrap

Commercial customers:

A business/trade license and/or company letterhead is required, please contact Joe W. Hereford at 256-538-8611 about setting up a commercial account.

Environmental Regulations

At Hereford Scrap Metals,LLC we follow all local, state and federal environmental rules and regulations in the purchase of scrap metals. We will not purchase any junk vehicle unless the fuel tanks has been drained and removed, the mercury switch removed and all other fluids safely drained. All heavy equipment must follow the same guidelines as junk vehicles.

We do not purchase propane tanks or other sealed containers unless they have been safely drained and cut in half according to environmental standards. We do not purchase any hazardous materials including CFC's, petroleum products, Freon, radioactive materials, or any non metallic materials. We reserve the right to refuse purchase of any scrap material if we feel environmental regulations have not been met.

Please call us for questions regarding the scrap law, we can still purchase most scrap items if you have the proper documentation.

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