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We are not going to buy any ALUMINUM CANS temporarily because of new recommendations by the ISRI stating employees handling aluminum cans should be in full PPE including face shield, eye wear, N65 mask and the aluminum cans should be isolated for 3 days.

Due to the shortage of these items and the critical need for our medical community we believe this is the best decision for the time being.  As soon as our community is back to normal (safe) we will resume buying aluminum cans. 

Due to the Pandemic crisis the scrap market continues to fall, please call for the current prices, 256-538-8611.

When you arrive at the scrap yard please Stay in Your Vehicle and a employee will unload your scrap. Try to have your items for the small scale separated. We will bring you receipt and payment to you.

Update concerning Governor Ivey's and the Alabama State Health Officer's "Shelter in place order". Scrap metal recycling yards are considered a "essential business" under the order as stated:

From Section C. Infrastructure Operations covering motor carriers (transportation of freight)

From Section D. Manufacturing Facilities covering the production of steel.

From Section U. Support Operations of essential business listed in sections C and D.

We will continue to operate serving our commercial and public customers in the safest way with the least amount of public contact as possible. We will continue following all health guidelines in place by all local, state and federal agencies.

We ask that during the shelter in place order that you only deliver scrap metal loads that can be weighted in/out on the drive on scales and that will greatly reduce the person to person contact.

This report comes from ISRI today:

The US Department of Homeland Security updated its guidelines for essential businesses during the coronavirus pandemic to include organizations in those businesses' supply chains, providing federal coverage for keeping scrap metal recycling facilities in operation.

The revision follows a letter sent last week to US vice president Mike Pence from the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries requesting that scrap yards and recyclers receive "essential" designations amid local and state government-mandated closures of businesses to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

"This new wording recognizes that the manufacturing of materials and products are dependent on manufacturers' abilities to obtain the feedstock necessary to feed their operations," said ISRI president Robin Wiener. "Recyclers are essential businesses that supply critical raw materials to keep manufacturers in operation." If you have any questions please call 256-538-8611.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during these tough times.

Thanks for your business,

Joe & Tony Hereford

Customer Convenience is Our Goal

We offer our customers quick drive through service and do not close during lunch hours. Our employees will work hard to get you unloaded and paid for your material, and there is no walking from building to building to receive your payment. All of our weight masters are certified by the State of Alabama. Our scales have public viewing display and are certified by the State of Alabama.

Please call if you have any questions about recycling your scrap metals, one of our staff members will provide you prices and information so you can bring in your scrap materials quick and hassle free.

If you are a commercial business or contractor please contact Joe or Tony Hereford at 256-538-8611, for more information about the services we offer at no cost.